Friethu has been hard at work on the first album. There has been much progress. At present there are about 12 songs worth of new material. And two are ready to be recorded. This suggests that there may be some upcoming previews by the end of 2017.

The album is still in the compositional phase and will still be polished for some time to come.

As Friethu is an independent operation, some obstacles are financial constraints (acquiring the necessary professional equipment to record at a basic standardized professional level). These will be overcome in due time. Once the basics have been acquired, the writing and recording phases will be a lot faster. Equipment is constantly being reviewed for new technology or more efficient ways of doing things.

Once a determination has been made for Album One, the studio design will remain unchanged until Album One has been completed. The reason for this is that if something new comes along that radically changes a workflow, it isn’t opportune. In order to utilize that new thing, feature, or workflow requires re-recording everything again or some aspects of songs. A standardization has to be established and deemed production ready from a professional perspective. Improvements in equipment will be made in-between albums in test and development phases. This is strictly engineering which is entirely outside the scope of music composition.

No further updates at this time.

Friethu - Album One (untitled) track list preview (dates are when compositions began)
1. Aphotic
2. Asche
3. Epitome
4. I Believe
5. Recovery
6. 2017-04-23
7. 2017-04-01
8. Untitled
9. 2017-05-02
10. 2017-04-24
11. 2017-03-02
12. Scissor